Artist Statement

Women, their image, and their personality play a significant role in my art. I work mainly in two directions: woman's portraits and boudoir. When I shoot portraits, I use the psychological knowledge gained from my main profession (theater and movie actor) and establish contact between the "stage director" (myself) and the "actor" (model). I manage to return a person to the wonderful world of different emotions that we often miss in everyday life, trying to do as much as possible but simultaneously losing the opportunity to do a lot.


Women's beauty was worshipped from ancient times and every era had its own canons and criteria. Artists and poets addressed women's beauty as something unearthly, divine, alluring, and inspiring. They were showing their heroines signifying their sexuality without making it appear vulgar.


A woman is a perfect creation of nature, and by being perfect, she expands the boundaries of our perception of beauty.


I see how current time has changed the direction of fashion and understanding of the definition of a woman’s attractiveness making it standardized and often unnatural due to modern trends and technologies.


I feel that our society needs to be reminded of the worth of natural beauty that is just around us.

My desire to help people to see it pushed me to create a gallery of contemporary women that have preserved the treasured qualities of the past.


I also want to bring warmth and cosiness back to people’s homes by means of art photography and have always dreamed of making photographs with high aesthetic standards.